March 2nd - 7th, 2021
Breakthrough In Paradise Registrations Are Now Closed!
About The Event
Transform your relationship and breakthrough in this small, private, exclusive 5-day live immersion experience with Stacey and Paul Martino. Strategically designed for you to transform your relationship without your partner needing to participate! 

Breakthrough in this exclusive 5-day immersion event experience with Stacey and Paul Martino! Escape to an all-inclusive luxury resort in Jamaica, as you get the breakthrough you want in your relationship, surrounded by paradise!

This live event experience with Stacey & Paul will be different than any other! Yes, you can count on that exciting, high-energy, content-rich, shockingly funny, life-changing, profoundly real, live event experience… but in this unique environment, Paul and Stacey have also designed many of your strategic transformation experiences to take place as you enjoy your time at the beach, by the pool or among the gardens…even at the Spa!

Breakthrough In Paradise is an invitation only event experience! This is NOT an entry level event…this is a next-level experience! In order to attend Breakthrough in Paradise you must have completed a previous program or event with us!

If you have not yet completed your first program or event, don’t worry…there’s plenty of time (we will help you get your entry-level program completed before the event dates)!
Breakthrough in Paradise is NOT a beginners event! This is ADVANCED!

1. Uplevel Your Blueprint for the Life You Want! Learn how to up-level the software you are using unconsciously every day to run your life. This is the key to changing how you use your new relationship skills without the constant “efforting” that is so common in the early phases. This is work that we don't do anywhere else! If you want lasting change and Level Five Mastery of the relationship skills you are learning ...this is the event you need! 

2. Identities Work! Everyone has different parts of themselves within. You have "work you", "parent you" and other "you's" that show up in different situations....right? Well, often times, the challenges we are having in our relationships is that the YOU that is showing up in that moment isn't the best version of us for that situation. 

For instance, a lot of women struggle to feel sexy and in the mood for sex at the end of a long day of working and being a mom. Now we can teach you TOOLS all day long to try to get "Mom-You" to feel sexy. But sometimes, that's like trying to "put lingerie on a gorilla"... you know what I mean? It's an uphill battle. 

However, there is an identity within you, that is wired to feel sexy. You may have put this part of you AWAY a long time ago, but she's in there. At times when you want to be intimate, it would be MUCH easier to learn how to bring THAT version of you OUT to serve you, then it would be to try to have "Mom-You" get in a sexy mood. Make sense?

The same process happens for the masculine. And this happens in many areas of your life other than SEX too!

Are there are areas of your life where you currently feel STUCK? I promise you, in those areas, the IDENTITY that you are showing up as is just not wired for success in that area. 

Learning how to identify and call forth the various identities within you - at the RIGHT times for you - is a MEGA strategy! It eliminates a lot of struggle and allows you to break through in big ways. 

Breakthrough in Paradise is the ONLY live event where we do IDENTITIES work! This will change your life forever! (We do this on Thursday by the way!)

3. Masculine & Feminine Energy Integration: Challenges with the masculine and the feminine are one of the most common relationship challenges today and also one of the most damaging. Women are often stuck operating from their masculine and men are not firmly rooted in their mature masculine. These combine together to zap the passion and increase the fighting in a relationship. In this exclusive, intimate, tropical environment, work with Paul and Stacey Martino to experience a catapult in your authentic core energy like you have never experienced before. This isn’t about “learning” it, this is about “experiencing” it!

Bring out the best in yourself and your partner, boost your passion and ignite a spark that lasts beyond your days on the Island!

This is the ONLY event setting where we separate the men and the women for the deep levels of breakthrough and integration that you want! 

Paul will work with the MEN in a separate private space (no ladies allowed). While Stacey and the women work together without the men around. This is a Game Changer experience (This happens on Friday, by the way)!

4. Real Tools for Real Life! Real life is tough, messy, hectic and overwhelming. We give you the key tools for handling the obstacles and challenges that will try to hold you back so you can masterfully Navigate the Moment™ in your relationships and your everyday life!!! 

This is the EPIC differentiator! It's about bringing these tools and strategies into your regular days so that every day you know how to create your breakthrough! That's the Relationship Development difference!
In addition to the transformational event, in this exclusive small group you will be “on vacation” with the Relationship Transformer Tribe for 5 days in paradise!
We Will Sell Out!
This small, private, exclusive experience is invitation only and very limited!
Are you ready for more passion in your relationship? Do you finally want to enjoy that rock-solid alignment where nothing and nobody can come between you two? Are you ready for the energy and electricity that surges through you when you enjoy DAILY ravishing intimacy with your partner?

If that’s you, and you are ready for your relationship breakthrough with ease, wrapped in the luxury and pampering of a Caribbean paradise… I invite you to apply for one of the limited available spots.
Breakthrough in Paradise
5 -Day Immersion Event Experience
Event Tuition: $4,000

After you enter your contact info and click the "Apply Now" button on this page, you will be taken to our Breakthrough in Paradise ®️ application questionnaire. Please answer all of the questions in their entirety.  

After you have submitted your questionnaire, it will be reviewed by our team. We will ensure you are a perfect fit for the event and connect with you to give you access to the registration page so you can claim your seat at this exclusive event!

After your registration is confirmed, you will receive your welcome package with all the details you need to book your travel with our group and prepare for your Breakthrough in Paradise!


What's Included in Your Event Tuition: Your tuition for Breakthrough in Paradise ® includes your event access to the 5-day immersion event with Paul and Stacey Martino. All event sessions, worksheets, exercises and event experiences. It also includes access to all event group meals, get togethers and parties that are part of the Breakthrough In Paradise event.

What's Not Included in Your Event Tuition: As with all events, your travel, meals and accommodations are your responsibility. All Breakthrough In Paradise attendees are required to make their travel reservations through our exclusive travel executive! Doing so will ensure that you get full benefit of our phenomenal group Sandals accommodation rates and benefits! 

Your travel reservations are your responsibility. Your all-inclusive accommodations will include your room plus all your meals and beverages (all you can eat and drink). Our Sandals group rates begin at just $3,699 for 5 nights and 6 days! And that's for two people!! It's an amazing deal to stay at one of the most luxurious Sandals properties!


We are so excited to welcome you to this exclusive destination retreat! Because of unique logistics required to host this Island Paradise Event we want you to please be very clear on our cancellation policy below.

NO event tuition refunds or credits will be granted for this event.  

This event is very exclusive. We can only have a certain amount of students at the event. When you secure your seat, that spot is yours. There are no refunds of event tuition. 

Travel Refunds:

All travel and accommodation deposits and refunds are completely separate from this guarantee and refund policy. Your travel executive will explain the deposit, payment, and refund policies for your travel and accommodations.

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